Welcome to our Series „Humans of Climate Action“.
This series is dedicated to uplifting non-European climate activists.
This interview is with Snigdha from Pune, India.
Snigdha is active with FFF digital and FFF Pune.
You can read the German translation of this interview here.

(c) Snidgha Karadkar

1.) Can you tell us something about yourself?

Hello, I’m Snigdha Karadkar, a 20 year young climate activist with FFF Digital and a student from Pune, India doing BSc Pure Sciences.

2.) Can you tell us a bit more about your personal motivation?

For many years, I was hearing about the bad impact humans were having on the environment, and always felt an impulse to do something about it, contribute in find way, spread awareness, etc.

3.) What is your role in the climate movement?

I’m a member of Fridays For Future Digital and the local chapter in city – Punefff.

4.) What is the movement like in your country?

Yes, in India, environmental organisations and youth movements are gearing up, garnering much attention day by day, and many people are joining them as time goes

5.) What do you love about your region?

India has been an ancient civilization with most of its (almost 95%) traditions and cultures having scientific reasoning and logic, so many things we do naturally heals/balances nature. Having various Bio zones, we have a variety of seasons and changes in the nature surrounding us. The monsoons are wonderful.

Sketch of Pune, India

6.) What is the most serious environmental problem in your region?

Polluting air and rivers issue is becoming critical, along with plastic pollution. Government actions are falling short to handle the situation and do something about it. Fortunately, citizens are coming together to solve it.

7.) What is the most amazing campaign you participated in or heard about?

The Global Climate Strike was the first powerful event I had attended in the collective fight against climate crisis, with like minded earthlings fighting for Earth. The hyped energy, the charged up atmosphere, it was just so empowering. Dawned on me the power we humans have when we come together!

8.) What are your talents and abilities in a fight for a better world?

Compassion, perseverance, the ultimate realization that we’re all interconnected and part of this ecosystem on Earth – we’re all Earthlings, and a sustainable and minimalist approach to life is what I think should be within all of us to bring unity, creativity & feeling of togetherness to all people of Earth.

9.) What is your vision for the planet, the nature and us humans in 2050? Do you think it’s realistic?

Seeing the current studies, statistics and facts, there’s a very tiny ray of hope left which promises a bright future ahead, as the years to come are very grim and disastrous. But it always helps to be optimistic, so assuming we all come together and fight for Humankind’s future collectively should promise a satisfied future ahead.

Thanks Snigdha for this interview!
You can follow Snigdha on Instagram

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