Welcome to our Series „Humans of Climate Action“.
This series is dedicated to uplifting non-European climate activists.
This interview is with Fionah from Kajiado, Kenya.
Fionah is the founder of the Greener Communities Programm.
You can read the German translation of this interview here.

Fionah Njeri

1.) Can you tell us something about yourself?

My name is Fionah Njeri, a student and a university conservation model from Kenya. I am passionate about wildlife and environmental conservation and I use modelling to advocate for biodiversity protection. I like to call myself Fifiture, a combination of Fifi and nature, and under that I am running an initiative called Greener Communities Program, whereby we interact with various indegenous communities and work together towards a better environment.

2.) Can you tell us a bit more about your personal motivation?

I grew up with an interest in nature. I envision environmental conservation as a personal responsibility and my inspiration is to see human beings learn how to be friends with nature, in their daily endeavours.

3.) What is your role in the climate movement?

Founder of a start up initiative called Greener Communities and it is still ongoing, through tree planting. Currently crowned as Miss Environment Africa Nazarene University. I focus more in community work through a modelling platform

4.) What is the movement like in your country?

We mobilize indegenous community members to join and make the initiative a success.

5.) What do you love about your region?

Kajiado is a place that thrives with Acacia trees, it is sad to watch them being cut down for charcoal or wood

Sketch of Kajiado

6.) What is the most serious environmental problem in your region?

As I initially stated, kajiado county is an area where it generates more charcoal, but organisations are coming up to plant trees especially acacia. We are trying our best. Also this area is semi arid, with various vagaries of nature including strong winds and dust during dry season and massive run off water during the wet season. Rains are also unpredictable but when it rains excessively, there are cases of flooding over the bridges thus causing a threat to people And livestock. Our small scale action is growing of trees

7.) What is the most successful campaign you participated in or heard about?

We launched an initiative (Grecop) to grow trees in schools, churches , roads and along rivers and we are happy that the community is slowly embracing the initiative. We keep pushing everyday to see the trees are cared for. I learnt that at times, however much we’d like to be the change we want to see, it is important to be patient with the community . It’s not easy but we keep trying

8.) What are your talents and abilities in a fight for a better world?

Community mobilization. Modelling.

9.) What is your vision for the planet, the nature and us humans in 2050? Do you think it’s realistic?

It is not realistic 2050 is a figure that is meant to calm us down so that we don’t hold our leaders accountable. If 2050 is set to be a target, what is meant to be done between now and 2050? I envision where the indegenous communities are prioritized in conservation, where the leaders work with locals to restore the ecosystem. Everyday, and this will amount to action

10.) Anything else you want to tell us?

I believe an activist is not the person that says the river is dirty, and activist is one who cleans the river. Let’s keep doing action

Thank you again, Fionah, for this interview.
You can follow Fionah on Twitter and Instagram.

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