Welcome to our Series „Humans of Climate Action“. This series is dedicated to uplifting non-European climate activists.
This interview is with Danisa, from Rosario, Argentina.
Danisa is active with FridaysForFuture.
You can read the German translation of this interview here, and the Spanish translation here.

(c) Danisa Lione

1.) Can you tell us something about yourself?

I am Danisa, 22 years old and a college student, I study environmental engineering. I am from Rosario, Argentina.

2.) Can you tell us a bit more about your personal motivation?

Since I was a child I worried about the world and the effect we as humans were having on it. I am a year away from being an environmental engineer and I was longing to do something from the citizenship side, not just the technical side. So my motivation is to spread awareness and to get more people involved and willing to push the government to take action on the protection of the environment and on stopping climate change.

3.) What is your role in the climate movement?

I was a part of the group that started the movement in my city for the first global strike in March 2019. I still am part of the organisation group, making sure we get the permits to strike so we don’t have trouble with the police. I am also the link between my local and national group with the international groups.

4.) What is the movement like in your country?

Most provinces have their capital city striking and also some other cities. But that’s it. There aren’t many small towns participating. For the largest strike, in September, there were I think 15k people striking from a 40M country, it isn’t much.

FFF is not very large as other movements here because we have more pressing issues to solve as a country ie. poverty.

5.) What do you love about your region?

I live by the river side, where there are wetlands and obviously it is a very biodiverse place. Also where people do water sports and go in summer to the beach. That’s the only part that hasn’t been completely antropised.

Skecth of Rosario

6.) What is the most serious environmental problem in your region?

There are two big problems in my region, the destruction of wetlands and the use of harmful agrochemicals (that are forbidden in Europe). If we are talking about the whole country there’s also a thing with open cast mining and water pollution. For each of these problems there are NGOs working towards solving them. Some bigger than others. There is much more social awareness of the impact uncontrolled mining has on water where there is water scarcity than of the destruction of the wetlands where water seems unlimited.

7.) What is the most successful campaign you participated in or heard about?

I did not take part in this, it was on the other side of the country but this past week the new government tried to go back on an old law that somewhat protected water by banning the use of certain chemicals in mining. Immediately the province where this happened took the streets with unprecedented numbers and within one week the new law was taken back. It is special because it proved that social pressure works and that people are aware that harming the environment is harming us.

8.) What are your talents and abilities in a fight for a better world?

 I am studying to become an environmental engineer, I hope that through my profession I can work towards healing the world.

9.) What is your vision for the planet, the nature and us humans in 2050? Do you think it’s realistic?

Usually I’m an optimistic person but on this matter I can’t even see a glass half empty, it’s more like the glass was full but governments and companies stuck their plastic straws in and started sucking the water out, if the analogy makes sense. We’re trying hard but cutting the straws to stop these actions is really tough, I’ll keep fighting but whether it will be enough I’m unsure.

10.) Anything else you want to tell us?

I know that last answer was quite pessimistic and I truly hope I’m wrong and that we can move forward swiftly to a brighter future where there is climate justice and we can grant a habitable world for the inhabitants of this planet.

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